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What to Wear in Paris

what to wear in Paris

First thing you need to know: I’ve never been to France, but I have wandered through the streets of Paris in my imagination. If I were to travel, I want to show you the outfits I would wear in Paris. Going on a coffee date? Definitely wearing a skirt and heels with that.

Paris is a popular destination for falling in love and finding new ideas in style, this city still feels the innovations brought by the greats of fashion such as Coco Chanel, Pierre Balmain, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, who have contributed to making it one of the European capitals of fashion.

Very hot in summer, especially in July and August, and very cold in winter, it is really difficult to pack your suitcase for a Parisian vacation. The best months in terms of climate to visit are June and September, but it often offers sunny days even during the winter months and rainy nights in the summer months.

How do I know all of this? Well, I did my research cause once the borders open, I plan to travel around Europe. It’s important to plan ahead- list the places you want to visit, and check the weather so you can have an idea what to wear in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, the Latin Quarter, Montmartre, Versailles and much more, Paris is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating cities in the world, and the perfect destination for a romantic vacation with your partner or a trip full of culture and shopping with your friends.

The beauty of Paris lies in its unique and sparkling atmosphere, wherever you turn you will find elegant baroque buildings, flowered balconies, cafes animated by people, laughter and lots of talk. Let’s not forget that Paris is one of the four cities at the top of the fashion world and every year hosts fashion week and the glittering haute couture.

Paris, like London or New York, is a large metropolis and to visit it requires long walks and continuous travel by public transport. During the day, we advise against wearing uncomfortable shoes and invite you to opt for comfort.

Here’s what to wear in Paris

I personally like wearing shoes with a bit of heels but I make sure that I can wear it in Paris without any problems. If it helps, add gel insoles for more comfort. Ballet flats won’t be able to support your legs through the long walks, trust me. I’ve tried walking in those through the cobblestone pathways of Rome, and I regretted it.

In winter you can create a “composed” and chic look: high-waisted skirts or shorts, tights, shirt and blazer or alternatively trench coat or coat. Ankle boots or loafers on your feet. If you want to opt for a more sporty look then we recommend jeans, long shirt combined with a shorter sweater, boots or biker boots.

During the day we recommend a maxi bag – so you can put everything you need such as water, city map, camera etc. – or a shoulder bag, more comfortable and safer especially if you plan to walk around in the subway. In the evening, ditch the flat shoes and wear a nice pair of pumps to match with a dress or a long skirt, leave the maxi bag or anything else in the hotel and choose an elegant clutch.

In summer the air is humid and we recommend a cool look. Long skirts matched with airy tops, backless dress, jeans with raw cut hem, patterned mini dress, dungarees and high-waisted shorts. On your feet flat sandals, comfortable wedges or canvas shoes. In the evening you can opt for a nice pair of palazzo pants to wear with high shoes, blazer and colorful accessories, or wrap skirt, jumpsuit and bright clothes.

These are just what I would suggest and would personally wear in Paris, but remember that the most important thing about fashion is wearing what makes you feel comfortable and confident! I hope this helped or perhaps inspired you in a way to plan your outfits to wear in Paris. Until my next post, au revoir!


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