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Before After aneka with sunglasses beforeaneka with sunglasses after
Before After aneka at the beach beforeaneka at the beach after


  • AZURE BACKGROUND: Turns blue hue into light azure
  • ENHANCED SKIN: Get a glowing and balanced skin tone
  • VIVID HAIR: Boost the color and highlights of your hair
  • SMART SHADOW: Contours the right places
  • OUTDOOR PHOTO: Suggested for sky and sea shots
Before After aneka igloo beforeaneka igloo after
Before After aneka over fence beforeaneka over fence after


  • COTTON BACKGROUND: Turns blue hue into white cotton
  • BRIGHT SKIN: Highlight the tone of your skin
  • NATURAL HAIR: Bring out the natural look of your hair
  • LESS SHADOW: Remove unnecessary shadows from the photo
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR: Versatile for indoor/outdoor shoots



What is a preset?

A preset is a filter made for improving an image with 1-click using the Adobe Lightroom CC app. It helps reducing the time for editing a photo.​

How to install a preset?

After you purchase one of our presets, you will receive a .zip file in your email. Please follow the instructions sent by email in order to install and use the preset.

On which devices can I use the preset?

Our presets are compatible with Android and Apple iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, smartphones, and tablets that have Lightroom CC installed.

How does the preset affect an image?

Lighting, location and skin tone affect the look of a preset. You can slightly adjust contrast and exposure before and/or after applying it for best results.

What happens if I lose the preset?

In case you lost the files sent, please contact me along with your purchase details and I will resend the presets. I suggest you to double save the files.

Can I refund or exchange a preset?

Unfortunately, I don’t offer refunds or exchanges for digital products. All sales are final.